Power Systems Surveys & Studies

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Power Systems Surveys and Studies

For over twenty years, the staff at MSTS has performed Power Systems Surveys in various industrial settings. We perform these documentation projects on Pipeline Facilities of all types. The MSTS Power Systems Survey provides an essential reference document to identify and document each aspect of your electrical power system. When completing this study, our staff will not only document every aspect of your facility, they will confirm circuits and feeds for each electrical device, serving also as an inventory guide that will assist your company in any Front End Engineering and Project Development that may be needed at your facility in the future, all from your corporate headquarters.

Elements of the power systems survey that we offer

  • Complete, Accurate and Hyperlinked One-Line Diagram Package
  • Hyperlinked Reference Drawing Package
  • Incoming Service Data
  • Transformer Data Liquid filled and Dry Type
  • Motor Control Center Elevations
  • Switch Gear/ Load Break Sheets
  • LV and MV Starter Sheets
  • Switchrack Elevations
  • LV and MV Motor Summaries
  • MOV Summaries
  • Breaker Data Sheets
  • Voltage Drop Analysis
  • Grounding Data and Testing
  • Location summary, which includes possible installation, maintenance or condition/reliability concerns of equipment

MSTS’ team is trained to efficiently gather data at your facility. Our Electrical Specialists have been performing Power Systems Surveys for over 20 years on hundreds of different locations. After collecting and compiling this data on your electrical system, a special report is tailored for you, to serve as reference material for your company. This hyperlinked guide is delivered as a single file, with pictures of each type of gear, and any areas in need of your attention. Additionally, this guide is a must have for your new or existing facility, saving your company revenue in troubleshooting and project scoping trips that can be done from your home office. As your facility changes, our Power Systems Survey can be easily updated to reflect the changed information or newly installed equipment. Along with MSTS’ Power Systems Survey, we can deliver an updated One-Line Diagram package for your facility, in your company’s format. Our specialists would be happy to serve you and answer any questions that you may have as to whether our Power Systems survey is right for you.