Pipeline Construction Inspection Services

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Pipeline Construction Inspection Services

Depending upon the complexity of your pipeline construction project, we offer Electrical Specialists Level I, II, or III to ensure your assets are built to specifications codes. The extensive field experience and expertise of the MSTS team is what makes us most unique, giving your company access to the highest quality electrical inspectors available in the pipeline industry. We offer a wide range of pipeline inspection and construction oversight services to fit any size of project. In addition to construction oversight, our electrical specialists are trained to have a keen eye for safety, and work to promote a safe work environment, and are also skilled at providing as built drawings (red lines) at the end of each job.

Pipeline Inspection Projects and Services

  • ARC Flash Hazard Risk Analysis
  • Power Systems Survey
  • Safety Inspection and Spot Checks
  • Regulation Compliance Inspection
  • Construction Versight / Project Management
  • Electrical Equipment Procurement
  • As-Build/ Red Line Drawings
  • Welding Inspection / Supervision
  • Electrical Controls / Instrumentation Preventative Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Power Quality Equipment Testing
  • Compressor Stations / Upgrades
  • Commissioning
  • Witness & Review of Non-Destructive Testing
  • Custom Service & Maintenance Packages

MSTS administers a strict code compliance and screening process to guarantee that our team members have been thoroughly evaluated and qualified for each project. All of our specialists have consented to a demanding background check as well as pre-employment and random drug screens throughout the duration of their employment. Our Inspection specialists have a significant amount of field construction experience and also work to assist with facility walk downs, which furthers their knowledge of pipeline facilities and Drawing Markups/Sketches. It is the goal of our field staff to see that your job goes to plan, no matter how big or small.