Electrical Equipment Maintenance & Power System Testing

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Electrical Equipment Maintenance and Power System Testing

The value of routine testing on electrical equipment is immeasurable in terms of preventive maintenance and job safety. Failing or deficient equipment can potentially lead to downtime, loss of productivity and liability exposure that can easily be avoided. MSTS staff has extensive experience in coordinating maintenance initiatives on all types of industrial electrical equipment and systems. MSTS has robust relationships with maintenance contractors and has worked to establish, administer and cost out maintenance programs for many of our clients. MSTS is able to utilize its extensive electrical experience to assist you in establishing preventative maintenance or troubleshooting reasons for malfunctioning electrical equipment, with a cost effective solution that improves performance and safety.

Some our testing Equipment includes a Fluke 1750 Power Analyzer, Fluke 1625 earth ground tester, and Thermal imaging cameras. Our equipment can be utilized by our trained staff in many capacities, such as power harmonics analysis, system grounding integrity and adequacy, and surveying for infrared heat abnormalities in electrical equipment. MSTS is a partner with the International Electrical Testing Association, and maintains its testing library with the most up to date information available from NETA.

Electrical Equ
Power System Testing